30 March, 2012

chestnuts in the highlands

I had an impromptu chestnut picking day today and it was so good.I was busy cooking up a storm in my kitchen when Jill Dyson from www.foodpath.com.au called to remind me of the chestnut tour at Pine Haven Stud and Chestnut Farm. I said I didn't think I could make it seeing as my cakes weren't even in the oven yet! so the bus went merrily on its way without me!

I finished baking at 12pm and decided to get in the car and drive out there, a 30 minute road trip.
The weather was fantastic and I was so happy to see the group from the Moss Vale Community Garden! such a great group of people, from the Willy's Chocolate fan to the lady doing tours of the haunted properties around the highlands! and Jill Cockram who gives so much of her time to the Community Garden.
I arrived as Nick was manning the roaster and everyone was sitting together enjoying some of the roasted chestnuts. We continued filling the buckets, roasted and ate a few more and then it was off  to the weigh in to pay for the chestnuts we had picked to take home.
I thought I might have a go at  making chestnut flour and bake a cake!I just found out it takes  500g of nuts to make approximately 1/4 cup of flour!! maybe a few biscuits?
If the temperature drops, chestnuts roasted on the fire sounds good and easy!

Time to get back to my Easter Blogging!

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