16 January, 2012

Tree Farewell Photo Shoot

 Christmas has been and gone, I know! but I thought you might like to see the last shots of my christmas tree before we mow it away! for another year.

I did say I would  adorn it with something special but in the end I thought the tree is the star of the show and nothing more than some lanterns to show up the tree at night was needed.

My assistant Joseph taking a break!


  1. oooooooh sad BUT it WAS very pretty and you will have another one next year ! fay

    1. Hello Fay,
      I am going to have to work out how to nominate my new blog friends for the award, I think I have to write to you on your blog, is this right?
      bee x

  2. Bee, Christmas 2012, I'm going to bring a bottle or two of wine over to your place on dusk and sit in the evening light and enjoy that fabulous tree and view with you - Sarah

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  4. The tree did look very beautiful Bee, even during the day.
    It is Sad to see it go!! Love the lanterns, I'm sure if a space ship was hovering above your home they would be very tempted to land on your beautiful garden.
    Hope all is fine your end.
    Talk soon xxxxxxxxxx Coty