21 December, 2011

Christmas Angels

Angels are special, we often don't know when they are there, just hovering around because they think, maybe that's where they should be that day!
I was late this year in getting some angels out there 'which is normal for me'
They're like me, a bit fickle at times, but there when you need them.



  1. First - all best wishes for a Happy 2012!

    I just awarded you the "Versatile Blogger" on my latest post. Congratulation, hope that you like it.

    Greetings from the Périgord,

  2. delightful Angel and yummy grub ! kate Your food looks wonderful and the gardens too Congratulations on your award
    Greetings from Florence
    Fay x

  3. Thank you for the award, wow! that is so good Karin.
    Thank you Fay too, by the way my name is Bee not Kate, Kate is my very dear friend who helped me set up my blog in the early days and of course Coty Farquhar helped me when I was a new blogger on the block!
    xxx Bee