14 November, 2011

WHITLEY. A Day In The Garden

Yesterday was my last chance to pop over to Whitley, a country Estate in the Southern Highlands which opens once a year for 2 days, and it takes me 5 minutes to get there in the car. I pass by often and love to see the hawthorn hedge which meanders along the winding road.
I took lots of photo's to share with you, I think you'll love it.
I might have to do this in 2 parts as there was so much to see, maybe next post could be the flowers and dogs.
The Gate

In The Rose Garden
 The Secret Vegetable Garden

The Tree House In The Nut Orchard


Ok! this is definitely a 2 post story!


  1. Ahhhh, Bee, what an amazing place to visit. Makes getting up on a Monday morning worth it. Sending love, sweetie..

  2. What a delightful place to visit..you had me from the gorgeous gate, I would have to venture over there every chance I got.. thank you for your continued support darling. Your sweet comments mean the world. hugs ~lynne~

  3. Bee, I can't believe I forgot all about Whitley, well until next year - thank you for the beautiful photographs - almost feel I was there on Oldbury Rd with you - looking forward to your 2nd post! The weather was perfect......seen the Whitley hedge on the VW commercial on TV? - SP