16 November, 2011

WHITLEY. A Day In The Garden - Dogs, flowers, etc

I'm having a really hard job trying to pick out the best of this amazing garden.
So maybe i should just go crazy and download the lot today and tomorrow.

I want the dogs!
The Cottage Garden

Cottage doorway flanked with Albertine Roses

Part 3 Tomorrow!


  1. Beautiful Bee!!
    I wish I was there with you last week,
    I helped the previous owners with a wedding at Whitley
    years ago... it was absolutely amazing!!
    and I also organised a Japanese television commercial at Whitley.

    I think it is one of Australia's most beautiful properties.
    It's such a wonderful garden and home, your photos are great!!!! You must show more, please!!
    When will we see you?
    Sending lots of love, xxxxx Coty

  2. Coty, next year I will remind you and we can go along together.
    bee xxx