02 November, 2011


Moonacres Farm Organic Produce

I had a great time styling the table for 100 at this first Crave 100 mile Challenge held at the Everleigh St Carriage Works in Sydney.
 Imagine a lunch for 500!
With an amazing menu created by 5 years running hatted chef, Richard Kemp owner of Eschalot,   along with another hatted chef, James Viles of Biota, Mark Stone of Stones , Luke Latimer  of Onesta Cucina .
We were disappointed to find out that the  South Coast took the prize, but it was good to know they had beaten us by just a smidgen!

My generous, creative friends were so kind at such short notice. A big thank you to Coty Farquhar for recommending me, props and more! 
Margaret Young Whitford and Toni Houston for the wonderful flower arrangements and props
Suzie Anderson and  Lydie Du Bray for props, and Alison who chips in always.

Toni also came along and helped me set up as well as driving me to Sydney and back!


  1. It all looked fabulous Bee - The South Coast might have taken the prize but how good was this for local tourism - we are so fortunate to have such talented people in the Highlands - C
    Congratulations! - SP

  2. This looks fantastic my dear friend Bee,
    you were the only one that I could ask to do this.
    Well done, you did such a beautiful styling job and I'm glad you had fun!! I just love the vegetable shot in the old wooden wheelbarrow.

    Don't worry about not winning first prize! it was only by half a point anyway, which means you really did win.

    Look out, I'm sure you will win next year.
    xxx Coty

  3. Wow! What an event.. everything looked beautiful. I love the shot of the wheelbarrow, may have to borrow that for the Spring Open House.. Would be fun to put all the Easter things in it... I'm glad you enjoyed the clock post.. did it quickly, yes darling there a few tails behind the clocks.. I adore them.. lol hugs ~lynne~