26 October, 2011

spring time in the garden. 100 Mile Challenge

Spring is well and truly here and I am so busy!but I had to share my latest find. Its a little french number!
A garden walking stick with its own basket to fill with herbs or flowers as you stroll around the garden, do you like it?

100 Mile Challenge
My kitchen garden will have to wait!  as I am busy styling for a very special event, '100 Mile Lunch'
This is a new event for the Crave Sydney International Food Festival, which will occur on Sunday 30 October 2011 at the Everleigh Railyards. This is a challenge for 5 regions, each region will serve a three course lunch to 100 guests plus the judging panel of 6 people. I will be working with The Southern Highlands team, we have some amazing hatted chefs! I can't say anymore than that for now!

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