28 September, 2011

The Prop Shop

The Prop Shop idea came about because of my vintage stall in the Southern Highlands, I have had stylists, shop owners, set decorators wanting to use my pieces for their shop windows, photo shoots etc, so now I am taking it a step further by making lots of pieces available for hire, be it a wedding, a movie, an ad' if I have it, you can hire it.. Below is just a few smaller pieces.

Watch this space …. Bigger things to come!
What are you looking for? ask me, I just might have it!

Enquiries  0413 303 210


  1. What a good idea, I am sure there will be many takers for your eclectic style of items. I will be watching to see what comes next.

  2. Looking forward to it.. what great items you have.. Let me know if you figure out the comment issue... hugs ~lynne~

  3. Fabulous idea...the items in your store are gorgeous....this all sounds great, stylist and movie folk are always in the Highlands hunting for items.....Sarah