21 June, 2011

Madeline Salty Chocolate Caramels and Winter

Winter Treats
I have been making these caramels for a few winters now, I started to make and sell them at the farmers markets during the colder months. It's much easier if you use silicone moulds, if you can't find the Madelines, small patty moulds or ice cube trays will work just as well.
 I have added a few variations after the recipe, you can try some of your own too, but the plain salty chocolate caramels are great.


prep time 10 mins cook time 10 mins
250 grams white sugar
250 ml double cream
60 grams liquid glucose
30 grams butter
3tsp Maldon salt 
200 grams dark chocolate chopped
 1.Place sugar, cream, glucose, butter, and 30 grams of maldon salt in a heavy based pan, stir over medium heat until sugar dissolves. Increase heat to medium-high and boil until mixture reaches 118C on a thermometer (7-8 minutes).

2.Divide mixture among 24 lightly buttered mini moulds and stand until firm.

 3. Melt chocolate in a heatproof bowl over a saucepan of simmering water,spoon over each caramel and stand until set. Remove from moulds and store in a single layer in a paper-lined airtight container.

My favourites three are Nutty Caramels, Fruit & Nut Caramels and Coconut Caramels.
Simply sprinkle your choice over the base of moulds before pouring caramel.

The Garden
There are only a few flowers left in my garden, a few roses and lavender along the pathway, I still have a few red leaves on the trees. This morning I spotted a pair of parrots next to the monkey tree.


  1. Aside from baking salty caramel you also have an interest in you beautiful garden I see many shot from your garden and some view. Thanks for recipe you post here I'm making my own too for the kids.


  2. Can't wait to try the salty caramels!

  3. Well these salty caramels look so shiny and appealing and from your recipe do not look hard. Will impress guests I am sure. Saw one parrot, photos look lovely.

  4. I love the photos of your garden Australian/English.