02 June, 2011

Farewell Autumn

Every day is like a magic picture book of changing colours.

The kitchen aromas, the hearty soups and casseroles, fresh vegetables straight from my garden. Picking the last of the quince for poaching to serve on our porridge and caramel topped tarts.
Lazy Sunday lunches under the maple tree and a big blue sky.
Slow cooked coq au vin and beef daubes shared with friends by a roaring fire. Autumn is one of my favourite seasons.
Collages of my ever colour changing garden.
Next blog will be some recipes, tarts and casseroles to keep you warm and soothe the soul.

 Here comes winter!


  1. This is one of the most beautiful pages. I look forward to each blog and enjoy sharing someone else's recipes.
    You bring the seasons to my page. Keep them coming. regards Kitty

  2. What beauty, you draw us in, I feel as if I'm right there, I enjoy each post you do.
    hugs ~lynne~

  3. What beautiful photos of your magical garden. Very uplifting on a cold, rainy day in Sydney.