15 May, 2011


My blogging has taken on a bigger meaning since I met my 'newish' good friend Coty Farquhar!
Coty is a very talented woman  and is very giving of her time with me, 'the new blogger on the block', she inspires me to keep on blogging!

I think a lot of you will all ready know Coty, seeing as lots of my viewers came to me via Coty's blog, cotyfarquhar.blogspot  My photography is improving and so is my list of followers! "Thank you Coty!"



Today I have been picking some early winter vegetables from the garden, on account of winter arriving quite abruptly in the Highlands! I am going to make a hearty soup.This could easily be a vegetarian soup but  I have an organic chicken covered with water in the pot, simmering away with some thyme, bay leaf, Herbies peppercorns, a chopped potato and a stick of celery so I should get a very tasty stock.. This will keep simmering for about 1 1/2 hours.
You can actually add just about any vegetable you like, or have growing, as long as you start with the leek and then the root vegetables before the leafy vegetables.
 Meanwhile I have washed chopped and sliced the leek, carrots,pumpkin, tuscan cabbage (cavolo nero) and baby spinach.
 I 've  grated 2 baby beetroot to deepen both flavour and colour.


For chicken and stock see above. 
Into the pot goes a good glug of olive oil set at medium temperature, add the leeks and 3 whole cloves of garlic.
When they have wilted and turned a lovely golden colour add the 4 chopped carrots and 1/4 of a pumpkin and cook for 5 minutes before adding 6-10 tuscan cabbage (leaves only), a bunch of spinach, grated beetroot, continue cooking for a few minutes.
Add the strained stock and bring to the boil, turn heat to low and continue cooking until the vegetables are tender, using a straining spoon, scoop out the garlic and squeeze out the sweet puree and add to the soup, add 1/2 cup of parsley and season with Maldon salt and freshly ground black pepper.
Shred the chicken and add to serving bowls, followed by a ladle of  soup.
Serve with fresh sour dough bread, I add some grated  Reggiano cheese to my bowl, optional of course, and a lovely glass of Chardonnay, bon appetite!

If you want an extra 'crunch' at the end add some shredded savoy cabbage a few minutes before serving.


  1. I wish I'd read your post earlier and used leek not onion, in my chicken & veg soup - I'll make sure I've got some on hand next weekend - it was a soup making day today - I've been into the market a couple of times to find absolutely no quince jelly, it must be proving popular - Coty's table at your home was breathtakingly beautiful - SP

  2. With the cold temps we're having this sure looks delicious. Thanks for sharing. I've put together cheesy potato soup with pork chops for the side. Coty's table at your home was beautiful. hugs ~lynne~

  3. Just in the process of cooking the soup will keep you posted.yours Ann Smith

  4. We have just had the soup and it was delicious best I have made and my husband, who thinks he is a soup officienado, thought it was great. Thank you Bee Bon.
    Ann Smith

  5. WOw..Yummy..I like your blog. Thanks for visiting my blog, Cheers :)

  6. Hello Sarah, Hope you enjoyed the preserves, you can pick it up from me at 'Trelm' any time. bee x