31 October, 2010

Time in my garden

Could be anywhere.

Reflection through the window

At last I am settled back into my home life after my trip to Manhattan. I was so lucky to be able to 'borrow ' friends apartment on 5th Avenue! A stroll across to Central Park each day was good for the soul. I loved grocery shopping there as they don't have the big chain stores, just local shops with delivery to your door! I promised myself I would shop this way on my return, and I do, without the home delivery !when I have the time. The vintage shops and flee markets are the best I have come across anywhere!
Now it's back to my garden and weeding and planting summer vegetables.


  1. Dear BeeBonBelle,
    Love the vista through your garden. I could feel the chill in the air.
    My mouth is watering with the images of your delicious cakes and tarts.
    Will visit you at Berrima Markets to try your homemade goodies.
    Anita - Sydney

  2. You can visit me and my treats at Suzie Anderson's 'Hopewood' Thursday and Fridays till the 10th December, roam around the beautiful rooms and do your christmas shopping and then sit down and relax in the conservatory cafe and try some of my cakes or a light lunch!

  3. Hi Bee - great to meet you at last today at Dirty Janes. Love your blog and salivating reading the gorgeous recipes!

    As requested, I'm leaving a comment to let you know that your friend is indeed correct ... there is no way to contact you directly through the blog. No email address, or phone ... so comments are the only way to make contact with you. This may, of course, be what you're wanting. In any case, I will talk to Suzie and arrange for us all to meet one day over coffee. Hopefully before the next Open Day. Best regards, Maureen