10 August, 2010



Maddison Avenue renovations

Off Maddison Avenue, side street home.
 Being in Manhattan was a little bit like being in Paris as far as walking every where, no need for a car and cabs are not a luxury, everything seems so affordable, though I love the romantic  french language, which I have been learning for ever! and still get absolutely tongue tied with when someone speaks to me!!!  life is so easy when they speak your language!!!
I  wanted to keep walking and walking, on through the park and side streets and on to Chelsea and ' Loho and Soho', I never knew why these places were so called, now I do and I think it's cool!

They aren't quite as caught up with the coffee culture as we are but, I can see it's just around the corner. Sam found the best coffee in Manhattan! which was in Chelsea, the only place we saw queueing for a coffee, under the high line.
A walk to the local grocer, 'no super markets' and having your grocery's delivered made life easy, i promised to buy 'local' on my return.

I will add a few more photo's when I get sorted, oh by the way! don't buy duty free camera at Sydney Airport, any shop in NYC is cheaper!
I think I will just keep adding to this blog as I go!

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