09 September, 2009

September12th Market

The Bowral Farmers Market has sneaked up on me again! So I am frantically cooking up a storm for Saturday. Lots of chocolate treats still, but time is marching on and the weather will soon put a stop to all the naughty but nice chocolate! Actually I use dairy free chocolate so that's not so naughty!
I spent the w/end in Perth but didn't manage to check out any markets but did get to taste this years 'WORLDS BEST PIZZA' in Subiaco! a tiny little take away with this shiny silver award hung up on the wall, and the pizza was amazing and cost $5.90 !!

Back to the market, we are trying a new spot next to the coffee machine as we thought one of our brownie's or a biscuit would be nice with a cuppa!
No Kate this month as she has her fashion sale in Sydney and then she is off to India for a couple of month's so maybe we will be experimenting with some indian desserts on her return.

A few new preserves at my stall to look out for, Strawberry and vanilla Compote, Mandarin Jelly which is great with Brie cheese and also with duck, chicken or pork and so on! and lemons preserved with orange thyme and bay leaf.
I've also made some candied oranges dipped in chocolate, and theres lots of the regular cakes, biscuits, tarts and salty caramels.
So what about the guys who don't like chocolate !!!!!! Well of course I have something yummy for them too ! '3 things' a mix of macadamia, cranberry and currants, very more'ish and great for munching in the car.

Hope to see you at the market.

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