29 July, 2009

cumquat marmalade

I have about 5 kilos of cumquat's so I have been doing my research! Apparently there are few to be found commercially as they are such a tiny fruit full of pips and so time consuming in the making of jams compotes glazed fruits etc.the skin is the sweetest part. In China they are sliced and added to drinks as we do with lemon and limes.
Anyway! getting back to my pan of cumquat's! they look so beautiful in the pot so I have taken some photo's.
I have decided to take what ever short cuts I can, so why not put them through my robot coupe slicer?
Voila! so fast, so I will let them sit in the pan a few hours with enough water to just cover them.
I'm weighing just under equal amounts of sugar to fruit.I will add a few vanilla beans too.

Recipe5 kilo cumquat's
4 kilo sugar 5 vanilla beans
Slice fruit cover with water and leave over night
Bring to a boil then simmer for 10 minutes before adding sugar and cook until sugar is dissolved then add split vanilla beans
Boil rapidly and continue boiling rapidly until 'jam set' . This can take anything from 20 to 45 minutes. Pour into warm sterilised jars.


  1. I love cumquat jam, can you add a dash of contreau! a friend made it this way once and it was divine.

  2. Cointreau would be great, it's also very good with strawberry jam. I'm actually making lots of jelly's or 'pastes' as they seem to be called, to serve with cheese. I've made a spicy plum and also a damson jelly which is definitely my favourite!
    Thank you for calling by my blog, do you have a stall at Dirty Janes?