09 March, 2009

First Berima Markets

Cumquat's, quince, chilli, sevilles and more compotes, jam's, and jelly's I made for the market. Kate and I worked like crazy on the Friday to get it ready for our early start the next day. Kate hand cut the labels that she created for me, I sneaked off to bed and she kept going till 2am.It was worth it as everyone loved the packaging as well as the flavours. My friends Peter And Terry gave me quince and apples, and off I went to make the quince jelly and the chilli apple jelly, all organically grown.
The day was a real success as sold out of everything just after lunch time!
Stay tuned for more

Dear Bee Bon,

I was wondering where I would be able to see you next as I so enjoyed the quince jelly I bought from you at the market. It was the absolute best and reading this in your blog I would like to try the chilli apple jelly. So where will I see Bee Bon?
Ann Smith, Sydney


  1. i adore your blog bee
    love bee

  2. Dear Bee Bon,

    I love the concept of Dirty Janes and will visit to see what you have to offer there. Is there any cumquat jam? Your blog is certainly expanding and getting more versatile. Well done.
    Ann Smith